So you’ve rolled your ankle, blown out your knee, fallen on your wrist.


Available at Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy, for clinical and preventative treatment, is Pilates.


(Mild to moderate language warning)A “good news” story from Channel 7 hereLaden with scary images, people in pain and surgery situations this is deliberately targeting and negatively impacting people in pain.Before we even get into how bogus this story is, let’s remember being in pain is shit.Being in pain for a long time is total shit.


Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy welcomed it’s newest member in May, with Fabiola joining the team.


Somewhat of a change in tack this morning, and certainly outside of my realm of expertise.


A commonly held belief is that certain exercises or sports become off limits as a result of pain, age and injury.


There has been a recent burst of mainstream media attention for persistent pain and the ways it affects people, the health system, society in general.


The 64 million dollar question – because that’s about the amount your average runner will spend on shoes in a lifetime.

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