Statistically, we are all guaranteed to suffer pain that limits us in our daily lives at some point.

Back pain, neck pain, knee pain - we've all been there. Many will suffer recurrence, or persistence. Acute pain, like that which accompanies sports injury, is generally speaking quite easily managed, given access to skilled therapists, like those at Newcastle Performance Physio.

For many, pain becomes a dominating factor in their lives. There are many reasons why this happens and for a long time it has not been well understood, and therefore, not managed well.

Research is driving pain management away from medication and towards what is called a biopsychosocial approach - basically a better understanding of what pain is, why it occurs and formulating personalised plans to help people manage their pain and regain their lives.

Our physios are trained in managing all types of pain, but are best placed to assist when pain is persistent, and starting to get the better of you.