The runner’s toolbox : preventing and managing plantar fascial pain

“Plantar fasciitis” is an annoying and often stubborn injury that most people who run are familiar with to some extent. It’s more accurately termed plantar fasciopathy or plantar heel pain as it has a different mechanism and management from traditional “itis” inflammation related conditions. It’s very similar to typical tendon overload injuries in that the […]

Posture Shmosture

I am writing this sitting on my twirly stool, feet swinging in the air, slouched over my computer desk with a super curved back and my head poking forward. I’m loving it. Do I have a sore neck? No Am I risking injury? No Do I need to stop this and sit up straight? No […]

My Shoulder is F@#$+&

Is it really? Do we want to stop and think about that for a second? How would you…. Probably best not to actually, but, a good example of a metaphor we use to describe pain. It is possible to severely damage your shoulder. Absolutely, I’ve done it myself to both of my shoulders. BUT, I […]

Posterior pelvic tilting… The good, the bad and the ugly.

Recently, I published a post keeping in-line with some really simple cues to improve your ‘efficiency’ in lifting some of our main lifts or exercises (like a squat or deadlift). The most recent was to complete ‘the chain’ of the lower limb; the hips and pelvis. Watch the video here and we will be posting […]

Who Rules the World? (Strong) Girls!

Like my girl Beyonce says, if you want it then you shoulda put a ring on it. No wait, that’s the other classic. Who rules the world? Girls. Well they should, it would be a better place. The sad fact is the reverse is probably still true. Men dominate in wages, representation in workplaces and […]

Some Juice in your Caboose – Lateral Band Walks and What You Need to Know

You may have seen these exercises done at your local gym, on instagram, facebook or on the television. Chances are you’ve seen them done very poorly. So this is a blog focused on understanding why, how and when you may want to do these exercises. What are the glute muscles? To put it bluntly, your […]

Your back has a cold

This doesn’t have that much to do with manflu. More to do with pain, and how common it is. But let’s all agree that manflu is the worst. Ok, good. Now for some learning!! The classic example of ongoing pain is low back pain. Given what is in your back, how bad the pain can […]

Avoid it. Or Get Better at it?

This, in a sentence, is the fundamental difference between most health providers and the information they provide to people that ask them for help. The light or the dark side of the force. Now we all remember what Yoda told us about the dark side. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads […]

Elementary but not Easy

This time i’d like to address young therapists as much as my usual, loyal readers (aka Mum). There will be a point, but as always you have to listen to me ramble for a little bit first. Maybe the title should read “It’s my blog and my mum thinks i’m awesome!!” Then you can get […]