Hi, I’m Kelly
Most of you found your way to physiotherapy through sports and injuries. We have that in common. With your injury, having someone who understands not just what you’ve done, but what it’s like to be kept from what you want to do, means I am better placed to help you get better, faster. I am a wildly passionate in the area of endurance sports and there are very few things I like to talk about more, especially when it comes to injuries. This is where I would love to get involved in helping to guide and support your rehab journey.
My experience as a physio has provided me with the opportunity to work within multidisciplinary teams in different areas of physiotherapy including athletic groups, paediatrics, chronic pain and neurological physiotherapy. This diverse skillset will provide you with a thorough and holistic approach to your care.
Great physio and rehab is about you to feel listened to and trusted as we work towards your goals, resulting in you becoming the most resilient and capable version of yourself, where you have confidence in everything you do. Great rehab, guidance and support is paramount in recovery – and beyond. When we’re finished you’ll be stronger, both physically and mentally than before being injured in the first place.


Hey I’m Joe

Like you, physiotherapy for me started with injury. A running injury sidelined me from the track, so I get the the frustration you feel.
With help from a quality physio, that understood my desire to be at 100% as soon as possible, I was able to overcome that injury, and others down the line, and get back better than before.

That is now what I want to do with you. Rehab is an opportunity for you to work on your health, your performance, and my job is to bring my expertise in pain, injury and rehab and help you to excel at the things that are most important to you.

As a competitive middle distance runner, helping runners run, stay running and improve their running is my favourite thing to do. But helping anyone to minimise the effects of pain and injury and return to their best performance, be it in a race, or just racing after the kids, is the reason that I love what I do.


Injuries are mentally and physically frustrating because they keep you out of doing the things you love. Whether you are serious about a particular sport, lifting weights, or running, I can definitely help you out!

My experience as a physio has involved working with all sorts of people and injuries, from acute injuries in junior athletes with the Newcastle Jets, to adults with years of long-standing pain that are keen for solutions.

When you’re injured, you need to have a solid understanding of what has happened, why it happened and what you can do about it. I can guide you through that process and you can count on me to provide up to date information that gives you control over your health. Great Rehab is the next part of the picture, and we will work together to tackle the things that matter most to you. So come in today and take that first step towards a better future!


Hi, I’m Bec, the friendly face you will see when you walk through our doors.

As the practice manager I’ll make you welcome, get things sorted and make it as easy as possible for you to concentrate on getting better.
I’m a Mum of 4 and a crazy French Bulldog lover. I’ve been working within the Physio industry for 18 years and i’m an advocate for anyone being able to achieve a high level of strength and fitness. When i’m not here making everything smooth and simple, i’m normally in the gym myself xx


Hi, I’m Dave, the owner here at Newcastle Performance Physio. I love being a Physio, but i’m also a husband, father, football nut and science nerd.

This is normally the part where I tell you how awesome I am. I’ve worked in different countries, treated super fit athletes, treated famous people. But that’s sort of who cares, right? What you want to know is can I help you? You bet.

My favourite thing to do is to take the latest in research and practice in sports medicine and pain and apply it to normal people. The fancy bits of paper on my wall show that i’ve done extra training to help you get to where you are aiming. I’ve also, with varying degrees of success, been into the football codes, martial arts and resistance training.

I opened my practice because I saw a need for a place where people can access advice, education and treatment that is effective, modern and focused on the most important thing – you.

Check out our VIDEOS tab to get more information about what we do, how we are different and, most importantly, how we can help you.

If you’ve got some questions – awesome, give me a call. I don’t have all the answers but I certainly have some good ones.

Otherwise, BOOK IN and let’s get started.


Hi, I’m Mick.
I’m an Exercise Physiologist who has recently joined the Newcastle Performance Physio team.
I am passionate about helping people become the very best versions of themselves and am determined to assist them in living active, unrestricted, healthy, and meaningful lives.
I help you understand your problem and guide you in changing your behavior and environment to help you get back to doing what you love.
My interests and experience lie in end-stage rehabilitation, combat sport athlete injuries, chronic pain, and workplace injury management. I am also a professional boxer, and sporting the occasional black eye is not uncommon for me. This unique experience and specialization allow me to better assist combat sport athletes.

Outside of work, I am a keen traveler who loves enjoying the occasional beverage and trying new cuisines with my wife. When I’m not at the gym or attempting to surf, you’ll find me pampering our cattle dog, Amalfi.