Pain is complicated, but it can always change

Pain is a normal part of being human. Pain that persists for a long time after an injury or surgery, or pain that is severe and persistent without a specific incident is not a normal thing for a person to deal with.

Chronic pain isn’t limited to the painful body part, it affects every part of your life. You are you, but not.

When it comes to treatment, there are many options. There is a truth to this that gets ignored. Most of these treatments are not very good at changing your pain.

Many of them are bad for you in other ways.

Even painkillers, the things that are meant to help make you feel better. The longer your pain has been there, the less they are helpful and the more likely they are to make you worse.

All of this understandably makes you feel like there is nothing you can do.

This is where your story can be different.

Chronic pain is very complex, always individual and hard to overcome.

But it is possible. Absolutely possible.

We get how hard that is to accept, particularly if you have always heard something different. The main theme with speaking to us about your pain is that this will be different.

Different to what you have heard. Different to what you have tried. Different to what you have experienced and the results so far.

Treating chronic pain is about working with you on the things you want to gain, not so much want you want to get rid of. But we’re not ignoring your pain. Far from it. We’re just completely honest about what we know makes it decrease. You want less pain, of course.

We will talk with you about what will mediate your pain, or allow you to do more with it.

Promising pain relief, or “fixing” your pain is a promise that health professionals make too often and too often fail. So we won’t promise to “fix” your pain.

We don’t need to.

We’re saying you’re not broken.

Working together towards the things that mean something to you, back to more of who you are, the things you love and being more of a part of the lives of the people you love.

We can help you do that.

That is the part we do promise.


Ready for a change