I am writing this sitting on my twirly stool, feet swinging in the air, slouched over my computer desk with a super curved back and my head poking forward.


Recently, I published a post keeping in-line with some really simple cues to improve your ‘efficiency’ in lifting some of our main lifts or exercises (like a squat or deadlift).


Like my girl Beyonce says, if you want it then you shoulda put a ring on it.


You may have seen these exercises done at your local gym, on instagram, facebook or on the television.


This doesn't have that much to do with manflu.


This, in a sentence, is the fundamental difference between most health providers and the information they provide to people that ask them for help.


This time i’d like to address young therapists as much as my usual, loyal readers (aka Mum).


This week I had the esteemed privilege of featuring on the regular blog of colleague and genius Connor Gleadhill.


Chances are if you’ve started a new job with a big employer recently you’ve gone to Manual Handling training, or WorkSafe training.

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