The help your knees need

Whether it is your Meniscus (cartilage), Patellofemoral joint (kneecap), Osteoarthritis or some other sort of knee problem, you’ve probably had a scan that showed a whole bunch of things, and then you’ve been told there is not much you can do. 

You may have had surgery, or be thinking that you need it.

No matter what your knee looks like, feels like or sounds like, moving, loading it and doing hard, heavy things are good for it, no matter what anyone says.

Your ability to do the things you want to do now may be limited, and you may have things that make it more complicated, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do.

Our brand of physio and strength and conditioning is built for problem knees. 

Lasting improvement takes time and is a process, but if there is something you want to be able to do, and your knees are stopping you, then planning and executing a comprehensive rehab plan is your solution. 

We can help you there.


Powerful, not painful