Core Values

These are the underlying drivers of what we do. This is what sets us apart and what helps us to push for change, for quality and for a better future.

We also want to know what you value, so we can design our treatment plans so that you achieve the things that mean the most to you.


We are trying to make a difference. This requires knowledge, purpose and application. We are laser focused on constant improvement, always innovating and delivering quality. We are advocates for physical and mental health and as such we practice what we preach. We want the same for you. Great rehab is about helping you get further than you want, to where you didn’t know you could be. We aim to help you become the fully weaponised version of yourself.


So much of healthcare blends into a similar shade of beige. We want you to know where to go and who to ask when you need help. We want to have an impact, so that when you are finished with us you are different. We will do what we say, communicate regularly with the important stakeholders in your journey and be a place of ongoing support if and when you need it. We also promise to be on the cutting edge of how to improve our service, so you can always expect the best.


We aren’t like everyone else and we don’t want to be. We know what we are good at it and we strive to be the best at it. We also aren’t for everyone. We like to work with people who want to get better. A lot better. Getting a bit better is pretty easy, you do most of that yourself. We want you to get awesome. Whatever it is you do, we want to help you not just do it, but nail it. After working with us, your ability to be awesome at what you do will not only return, but should last as long as you want to do it.


Pain and injury are really not fun. We get it. We’ve been injured ourselves and we see it all the time. We want your story in all the gory details. We have the time to listen to it. We understand that it’s hard. We want to help you the person, not just the pain or the injury. And we’ll do it with a massive smile on our face. We also know we don’t know everything. But we do know the best in their field in our community. If we need help with your problem we will enlist our team of weapons to find your solution, instead of making one up, or giving up.