Bouncing back from a stress fracture stronger and faster

March 14, 2022

Return to running after a stress fracture better 

How’s that possible? 

Sounds crazy, you’ve been sidelined from running for over a month, been told there’s an increased risk of re-fracture and it can sometimes be months until you’re back training like you used to. But for a lot of that time you can get back working on things that will make you a stronger, more resilient runner. 

Where do I start

Stress fractures are complex injuries which involve internal and external factors and it’s for this reason we’ll always get you to see the sports doc. They’ll be able to identify factors which might have contributed to the injury and how to address them. 

Working closely with the sports doctor we’ll be able to figure out what you can and can’t do and how soon and at what rate you’ll be able to start loading back up.

What can I do? 

With most stress fractures you’ll be able to do some cross training depending on the site / severity of the injury. This will allow you to maintain or build fitness while you can’t run and support your running as you build back up your weekly mileage. 

How it’s delivered 

First we’ll get a history of what a normal training volume is for you and any goals you’ve got for the future. 

From there we’ll mimic the demands of your running with cross training. The volume and intensity of this will be based off previous training with different modalities of cross training depending on what you enjoy, what you’ve got access to and what’s going to be best for tissue healing. 

Strength training 

Getting better means getting you back stronger. We’ll assess for any asymmetries using strength testing using Valds NordBord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks. This will give us a better idea of you current capacity and ways we can improve it through exercise prescription