Fueling to perform

February 21, 2022


Never underestimate the importance of proper fueling for training sessions

I have had a few longer training sessions over the weekend which has meant going out of my way a little bit to ensure I have the energy required to get through the sessions at a high level and it got me thinking. When you are training for an event, you want each session to count, right? What if you show up to a training session well recovered and the body is ready to go, but you fizzle out half way through because you don’t have the kick to keep the performance strong throughout? That might mean completely flogging yourself but only getting 70% out of a session that could have been 100% if the appropriate energy was there to keep you going. On an empty tank the session is going to feel harder, the recovery is going to be longer, and you are unlikely to get the training benefits that you were looking for. Maybe this could all very simply be changed with better fueling?

Typically, there is purpose and intent behind each session and a goal to achieve in every single session leading up to your race. If you aren’t training for an event, it doesn’t matter. Fueling is still as important to prevent the intra workout and post workout fatigue. We want to train hard but still be able to live our lives outside of training. Which means having the energy to socialise and clean the house and get the life admin things done.

So next time you train, ask yourself this. Am I able to get through my workout without hitting a wall? Do I feel energised for the rest of the day? Am I recovering enough to get through my next session?

I can’t say that I’m any expert in this area, but I’m learning and appreciating the importance of it more than ever. It really makes or breaks a session.
‘Fueling is the fourth leg of the triathlon’
I heard someone say this a few weeks ago and I think it’s pretty damn accurate!