Improving your health outcomes with technology.

November 1, 2017

Healthcare improves with research and the implementation of those findings for humans. That process is fairly slow to get to most people. The rate of change in those delivering health services is increasing, not because people are becoming more open to change (people remain as stubborn as they have always been), but because the progress in technology is so fast, if you do not move with the times you are left behind.

As they should be. Outdated treatments, procedures, surgeries, entire professions, should be left behind when they are shown to be useless.

The quality of the information, treatment and service delivery is our priority at Newcastle Performance Physio, and it is amplified massively by our use of the technology available to us now, and in the near future.

Right now, we communicate with you guys largely electronically. You can book online, email us, message us, converse on Facebook, send us photos of your swollen ankle, ask if you should see a chiropractor for your sore neck (No, of course!!)

Our exercise program is an app on your phone. We tailor it, update, progress it. You watch videos, record what you have done.

Through the same app we have started doing video conferencing. If you were travelling, or knew someone elsewhere that needed to see a physio, we can look at your problem and discuss with you through your phone app.

In the not too distant future we will have our own practice app – through which you can book appointments, message us, video call us, access our education information, all from your phone.

You’ll soon be able to claim your health fund through your phone, not needing the card to swipe through the machine – we won’t need to have a machine soon.

All of this is hopefully going to be able to be up and running by the end of the year, by which time something else will be in development.

All of this change can be daunting and can seem confusing at first. I know this because this was me. I’m not actually that much of a tech wizard. But I see and hear of the benefit and so we have implemented what is available and will roll out the next thing when it happens.

The main benefit is it makes it so much easier to communicate with you. So you can access everything we have access to so much easier. The more you know the better off you are and we use this technology to expand our ability to educate you on how you are moving and feeling and why.

So get online, get hooked up, get whatever new phrase is being used. The benefits for you are amazing. The easiest and best way to stay in touch with what we are doing is follow us on Facebook and sign up for our emails through the website.

Until next time