Injury DIY – misconceptions about common injuries

February 16, 2017

There are certain injuries or pain episodes that everyone has heard of, and statistically at least, likely to have suffered from. They are in the news, at the touch footy ground, in the gym, at work. But just because Ian Healy and Brad Fittler love nothing more than a commentary box diagnosis (“Definitely a syndesmosis”) the pathology and effects of some injuries far extend the realm of general knowledge.

I tend to relate it back to a person’s occupation. Say you’re a mechanic. I have a car, I know how to drive it, I’ve seen mechanics work. Should I be servicing my car, or attempting complex repairs? No way! And if you know me and cars that becomes NO WAY!!

Or you’re a painter. I can paint my house. Will the end product be anywhere near what you would do? No way! (Again, me and painting, NO WAY!!)

But with injury it happens all the time. And I don’t know about you, but I value my body well above my car. I don’t even wash the thing!! (car, before you ask)

So, the next few blogs from me will be the classic DIY injuries and why you shouldn’t.