Injury pyramid

June 8, 2022

What we usually see happen, and what we are trying to change is you injure yourself, you wait and see, normally you wait and see a bit longer then you should. It doesn’t get better, you get a scan, you then have to wait longer, then you go and see a specialist who tells you what to do and normally they tell you go to physio and start your rehab.

Instead of that, when you injure yourself get it assessed straight away, come and see us and we can tell you what you need to do about it. Start your rehab, even if you’ve broken your leg you can still do things to decrease the likelihood of losing a lot of that ability and get you ready for when you can return to sport. If it is a big bad thing that we don’t know what it is we will send you for scans, we will send you to the GP, we will send you to the specialist, we will ring them and organise appointments for you. Following this procedure will get you to a specialist a lot faster if you need to, but the other thing is a lot of people don’t need to see a specialist. If we can assess it and start rehab and it’s a fairly simple thing the time that you will miss doing what you love will be greatly reduced. Following the wait and see game, you will miss a huge amount of time playing your sport if your not starting your rehab sooner. So get in, get started sooner, and get back as fast as possible.