New to Pilates? So how do I start?

October 12, 2017
So you have heard about Pilates or maybe have tried a class before?
Your ready to give it a go but not too sure about how to get started or what exercises to do?  Here at Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy we use Clinical based Pilates to get you on the way.


Initial Pilates Assessment

This involves a 60 minute consult with our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist Fab.  The session begins with the Fab finding out and understanding your medical and/or injury history.
We also ask about your current exercise regime and what goals you might have or like to set for yourself.  These goals can be to do with your daily activity (picking your child up without any lower back pain) or an exercise based one (completing your first 5km run).
From here Fab assesses your lumbar, thoracic, neck, hips and shoulders movement as well as screening your gait and standing posture.  This allows us to see how well you move.
Fab will then also look at general functional movements such as squats, pushups, sit-to-stand etc.  This allows us to have a closer look at your movement and whether there are any different movement patterns happening.
And it also allows us to see whether certain movements need more support than others or if there is a position we need to be mindful of when completing certain exercises.
All this information then helps us develop an individual programme carried out with the supervision of the me.
The programmes are tailored to you so:
  • Allows you to target particular muscles you may need to work on instead of the ‘one exercise for all’ routine.
  • Ensures your safety. So you are not putting your current or past injury in a position that may aggravate it.
  • Keeps you motivated with your goal in mind.  In the end it’s about getting you to achieve your goal

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Private Clinical Pilates

We can suggest a private one-on-one session for the first 1-3 sessions.  This is a 60 minute one-on-one with the Physiotherapist, where they will take you through your specific exercises and combine this with some of the class Pilates format.  In this we look at breathing, visual and physical cues to help you get the most out of the class format.

Clinical Beginners Pilates Program

The other option is to attend our 8 session Pilates beginners programme.  These are 60 minute class formats, again carried out by Fab with a class maximum of 4.
By the end of the 8 week programme we will have covered the whole level 1 Pilates syllabus and you will have much better awareness of how your body should be moving and feeling in the Pilates class.

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Pilates Mat and Equipment Class

Our Pilates mat classes have a maximum of 4 people per class and again are led by our Physiotherapist.  Although there are 4 clients in the class, everyone is completing their independent exercises created from their initial assessment and are carried out in the supervision of the Physiotherapist.
These are 1 hour sessions and you can attend as many classes as you like but most clients attend 1-3 sessions/week.  These look at a mix of level 1/2/3 exercises and can be a little more dynamic in nature.  But again this will depend on your initial assessment and current needs.

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So why choose Newcastle Performance for your Pilates classes?

We are conveniently situated in the hub of Newcastle West with ample street and private parking.  We are also open form 7am to 7pm so we can tailor for everyone’s needs!
We are guided by best evidence based practice and Fab, our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist is full of current knowledge to keep everyone from beginners to the Pilates diehard happy and most importantly safe!
So come along and book yourself a session today.

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