Everything you need is on your phone!

Technology allows us to bridge distances and close gaps.
It allows us to access information, help, advice.
It’s no different with your health.

Physio isn’t normally thought of as an “online” resource, or often a necessary one. But then again, some physios are different.
Like us.
As physios and coaches, we are used to working with people in different parts of the country. Even the world! With our brand of physio, we are about helping you do the things you want to do, with the aim that, eventually, you don’t need us.

We love to do things with you, but we don’t NEED to be in the room.
Do you want to be in your lounge room, outside, in the gym? As long as you have your phone, we can be there.

Do you need technique assessment in the gym – let’s do that.
Do you need advice on what to do with your pain – let’s do that.
Do you need changes and progressions to exercises, or activity – let’s do that.

We utilise Physiapp, an app on your phone or desktop, which also houses our exercise prescription. You can look at our videos, with us, in real time, ask questions and get clarity on your next step.
We can assess a huge amount of problems from the information you have about it. If we are worried, we’d still get further investigations, we can still talk to your doctor.
You save time, travel, parking and the hassle that can come with it.
You get everything that you do in a normal consult.

Don’t let pain and injury continue to dominate your life due to distance, or access, or time.
Let’s get connected and get you on track!


Why miss out on another minute?