Rock and Roll Rehab

June 27, 2019

I have finally answered the question I get asked the most.

“What type of physio do you do”

I have found this hard to answer, because it depends on the perception of the profession, both from within and without.

Physio as a profession is having an identity crisis.

Professionally things are changing quickly. After a long time of traditional modalities, roles and identity, progress is quickening, with the speed of information and the ability to connect and progress theory and practice – fast.

This is challenging for many physios that are used to doing things a certain way, or identify with certain treatments, values and beliefs.

For the non-health professionals, I hope the perception is changing as well.

Many people still don’t really know what a physio does.

This can be a good thing, funnily enough.

It means that they haven’t needed one, which is great.

It also means that their opinions haven’t been formed by negative experiences with the wrong type of health professional.

It’s a funny thing with health professions, particularly noticeable with allied health. If people have a bad experience with one, they often scrap the entire profession.

I get this, totally. Asking someone for help and not getting it is not a pleasant experience.

But, if I really didn’t like a painter, or lawyer, i’d just look for another one.

No way i’m painting my bloody house myself…..


We are eternally grateful for those that, having been unimpressed with one health professional, will search for a better alternative.

I am also aware that many people are not suited to come here. Some people may read this and think that we are the wrong type of physio. The “best” physio is completely subjective, and you need to find the one that is best for you. As progress continues, we understand more about what does, or doesn’t work, so I would also suggest being critical of the TYPE of treatment you are getting – if it is done WITH you, more so that TO you.

The photo of the blog is what we try and achieve. It’s on the wall of the clinic.

We get bet people better. A lot better. If you don’t want or need to do that, there are plenty of places that are probably better suited for you. We can’t “fix” everything, but a lot of the time you don’t need fixing. You just need to get better at what you want to do.

So, what do we do?

We do Rock and Roll Rehab.


Wait, bear with me.

When Jurgen Klopp (current Liverpool manager) described how his teams play football he said he “prefers heavy metal”.

Some physio clinics do opera, some do country music, some do Enya, or Irish pan pipes, or other boring types of white noise. Which is cool. A lot of people like country music…… for some reason.

We’re Rock and Roll. 

It is fun. Energetic. Fast moving. Heavy (or soft if we need, before the heavy bit comes in – like in Stairway to Heaven). It is hard to ignore. It is wide open and honest, no bullshit. Straight up. Makes Impact. Has Integrity. And it involves you.

Rock and Roll is the way music is meant to be played. It has it roots in blues and music history, it understands what has come before, but at the same time realise what matters is what comes next. It is constantly evolving and is both instigating and reflective of change.

There is attitude there. It isn’t rude, or arrogant. We know that we can help you. You can get better. A lot better. And it will be fun.


Being in pain or injured isn’t fun. Rehab can be hard, long and draining. We do our best to make sure you do it well, do it once and do it with a smile on your dial.

The rules are when you do you rehab here you can pick your tunes. For the record country music is banned.


Check out the video here to see what I mean.


We will rock you.