Science and The World of Tomorrow!!

November 23, 2016

This week Newcastle Performance Physio welcomed Bunyere Kwabo from St Phillips, a year 10 student that is thinking of physiotherapy as a career. We were discussing subjects for next year and I absolutely recommended chemistry, physics and top maths – but, apparently, these subjects aren’t fun.

……. Ah, exsqueeze me, baking powder? (from Wayne’s World for those playing at home)

But when I think back it really came down to the teacher, if we got on I enjoyed the subject. Or maybe, if the teacher likes their job and the subject, I enjoyed the subject.

That is one main reason I like my job, I can educate people on how the human body works and the insanely complex processes that underpin every basic function.

But what hope do kids have when the “leaders” of our political system here and across the world ignore and disrespect the findings of researchers across the globe that dedicate their lives to trying, somehow, to slow our mad race to oblivion?

Tony Abbott removing funding for science, Malcolm Turnbull’s about face on climate change action. Trump.

Especially for female students, who are still encouraged to think about what they look like rather than what they could do or be, the allure of science is often gone before they are old enough to understand any significant part of it.

So for this week Bunyere will be learning about neuroscience, anatomy, pathology, cellular biology, rotational kinematics and the small part of the physical universe understood here at Newcastle Performance Physio. As well as replays of the English Premier League.

Until next time – may the force be with you