Sports Injury

Playing sport is a fantastic way for a human to test themselves, connect socially and see the benefits of hard, regular exercise.

It is inherently good for you – be it triathlon, CrossFit, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Football or Olympic Weightlifting – hard, fast activity is an excellent thing to do.

Unfortunately, sometimes injuries come with it. This is just part of the risk that comes with any sport. This doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, just that, like all things, there is some risk.

When you are injured, our job is to make sure you decrease this risk to as little as possible and get back to exactly what you want to do, even better than you were before.

We are interested in your performance. We concentrate on what you can do and will always, always find a way for you to train, move, load something, no matter how bad the injury.

Tissues heal, injuries don’t have to derail your sporting life, or dictate your future.

Excellent rehab is your solution. Elite sport moves from physio to strength and conditioning as you get closer to playing again. All of us at Newcastle Performance Physio are physios and coaches, and we have 2 separate training rooms, plus sessions on the running track. So you are with us all of the way, and when you’re done, you’re much less likely to be back.


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