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We want you to Get Better.

Better Help. Better Advice. Better Treatment. Better Therapists.

All of our team are Physiotherapists and Strength Coaches, so we are uniquely placed to deliver lasting results for long term pain, sports injuries and physical performance goals.

We want to know what your ideal future looks like and we can help you get there.

If you’re in pain or injured, get better.

If other options have failed, get better.

If you’re good, get better.

Get Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy.

Newcastle Physio Revolution

Being in pain or injured isn’t the way you are meant to be.

You are meant to be running, jumping, lifting, living and enjoying yourself.

We want your journey through health care to be as fast and effective as possible.

We don’t want to see you back here, month after month.

Your experience here will be different.

It will be collaborative, well planned, active and fun.

We’d rather you not get injured, but if it happens, you want the best option for your health, fitness and future.

The best version of you deserves the best version of Newcastle Physio.


Knowledge is power. Power over pain. Power improves Performance…


The other fancy word for this is Capacity – can you do what you need to do for as long as you need to do it?…


What do you need to get back to? Why? What does missing out on it mean to you?…


It is, always should be, and while ever you work with us, yours. Your pain, your injury, your rehab, your life…

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we can see you straight away for your problem and start your rehab without delay. We can even send you for images or discuss your problem with the best doctors and specialists in Newcastle.

If your problem is covered by Workcover, Compulsory Third Party or the Department of Veterans Affairs, we will need a referral for these appointments.

Comfortable clothes that you can move in that allow us to have a good look at the problem area. If you forget, don’t worry, we have some spare training gear (that is clean!!). Our brand of physio is active – we will get you moving.

184 Parry Street, Newcastle West. It is West of Stewart Avenue, between and Denison Street, across the road from the TAFE and BP service station.

Remember, Parry Street is also in Cooks Hill, but King Street turns into Parry West of Stewart Avenue, we’re on that part.

And for a Newcastle Physio clinic, there is plenty of free parking!!

YES – and it’s free!! We have our own carpark, it’s the first driveway past our clinic. The carpark is drive through, it allows you to drive in from Parry Street, then drive out onto Wood street.

We also have free parking on the street at the front door that is free for an hour, but it is a clearway before 9am.

The easiest and cheapest parking you’ll find in all of Newcastle Physio!

There is plenty of choice for Physiotherapy Newcastle.
They all do different things, so I just answer with what we do.
We strive to be leaders in our field and provide you with the highest value care possible. Your experience here will be about more than your symptoms, like how they are affecting your life, what you need to get back to and why that is important to you.
We don’t use treatment machines, gimmicks, painful tools or boring exercise sheets. We don’t tell you to stop running, stop training, stop living. We do make rehab fun, active and comprehensive.
We do help you to get better than you were before.
You will get an answer as to what is wrong, what you can do now, what we need to do and how to do it. What we do, we do here in our treatment rooms and 2 fully equipped gyms, allowing us to thoroughly and accurately test and improve the components of what you need to get better.
So we’re the perfect place for long term pain and injury problems, and sports and surgical rehab.

You have all the information we need to help you, but things like letters, reports and scans are helpful. We have the software of most imaging places here in clinic, and are in regular contact with the best medical and orthopaedic specialists, so we communicate regularly with anyone else you have seen. Basically, if it’s important to you, then bring it along.

Toggle ContentWe have longer appointment times for a reason. We are interested in the whole story, so the first time you see us you’ll need an hour. There are even longer sessions for more complex, long term pain problems. Our follow up physio sessions are 30 minutes, and our Physio Performance gym sessions are 45 minutes, allowing a full training and rehab session.
These are the longest and most value packed sessions in Newcastle Physio!

Yes, for Medicare rebated appointments you need a special referral (called an EPC) from your GP. There is a gap for these appointments.

We have a HICAPS machine which accepts ALL private health funds. We swipe your card, claim your rebate, then you just have the gap to pay, which differs depending on your cover.

We have different services, depending on what you need.

Most treatment paths start with an initial assessment. Our normal physio initial assessment is $163.

I can tell you now we aren’t the cheapest for Physiotherapy Newcastle. But, as you will see, there is a reason for that. We are laser focused on quality.
While you might find it cheaper, you won’t find better value.
So much so, if you aren’t happy, we’ll refund your money.

Good question. This really comes down to what you value.

If you want the cheapest treatment, with a huge amount of passive therapy where you are lying down and hooked up to machines and hot packs, then we aren’t for you.

If you want to come back 3 times a week for months on end for no reason, we aren’t for you.

If you want honest, up to date advice, quality treatment that works and help to achieve the things you want from your life, that’s us.

If you want Newcastle physiotherapy and rehab services that solve your problem, without “maintenance” treatment forever, that’s us.

If you want to bulletproof your injury or surgery that you get back to 120%, that’s us.

If you want a plan, including what you can do yourself, and a partner to help you work through your rehab, with ongoing support outside your appointment times, that’s us.


View our collection of videos, from pain to performance and everything in between.