Do you lift? How much do you bench?

January 24, 2017

If anyone remembers Boogie Nights, the conversation goes something like “How much you squat, how much you bench?” and the amount is the measure for comparison. What they should be asking is “How’s your squat technique, how long can you maintain form and have you ever been injured?”

Now if Dirk Diggler was a physio instead of an adult movie star, then maybe that would have occurred, but I don’t recall any movies made about physios.

Weightlifting is a fantastic exercise, and is becoming popular outside it’s historical stronghold of contact sports and young men.

But even the biggest and fittest need help if they are new to a sport.

Would you play Aussie Rules without going to training first? Would you attempt a boxing bout without some coaching? No way.

Often we don’t worry about coaching with sports that are viewed more as exercise or fitness, like running, cycling, swimming or weightlifting.

Who do you think make up the vast majority of injures we see here at Newcastle Performance Physio?

Is it because those sports are dangerous? Again, no way. Think of the collision sports. But what do all collision sports have in common – training and coaches, even at the most basic level.

With weightlifting, often it’s walk into a gym, pick the fittest looking person and do what they do. Or go with your friend and do their program.

So, moral of the story is weightlifting is fantastic, but get some instruction. And just like physios, the quality of personal trainers and coaches varies wildly. Technique assessment and correction is a big part of what we do here. If you’re keen to push yourself into competition, we are affiliated with the best in the business. Give us a call and let’s talk pumping iron!

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Until next time