Freedom of and Freedom from….. in 2017

January 17, 2017

As a physio I’m always talking about movement and pain. Freedom of movement and freedom from pain. It’s a fairly powerful word to describe body function/dysfunction, but ask anyone who has recovered from an issue that prevented them from doing what they want and that’s what they say it feels like – Freedom.

Recently though the word itself “freedom” tends to conjure up slightly more worldly issues.

Freedom of…..

Speech, assembly, expression. Things that in 2016 were so regularly taken away.

Freedom from…..

Persecution, oppression, discrimination. Things that in 2016 seemed to be everywhere.

So while we deal in slightly more individual freedoms here, I know how important freedom is. Because it’s important to me too. It’s the main reason I started this place. And for that reason I would like to make a point to say that Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy is officially an all-inclusive, secular, LGBTI-safe, pro-feminist, animal-friendly, anti-fascist, all the colours of the human rainbow, Physiotherapy practice!

While that may not mean seem totally world changing, it is definitely the world that needs to change, as these big freedoms are not enjoyed by all. Until then we will be doing our part to advocate for a world where those freedoms don’t need to be sought but are standard to the human condition. And help those who have lost the small freedoms like moving and being without pain. What will you do this year for Freedom?

Until next time