Excercise Physiology

October 26, 2023

Exercise physiologists play a pivotal role in both injuries, pain and sports performance by blending elements of physiotherapy and strength and conditioning coaching to address diverse needs. Here at Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy our Exercise Physiologist, Michael Upton, focus is on chronic pain, sports injuries, and sports performance, with a unique experience and specialisation in combat sports injuries and performance goals. His approach is movement-based, with you at the centre of your rehabilitation journey, he serves as a guide to help you return to the activities you love.


So, what does an exercise physiologist do?

They are skilled professionals who assess, plan, and implement exercise programs tailored to individual needs. Their expertise lies in understanding how the human body responds to physical activity and exercise, enabling them to design personalised fitness plans for improved health and recovery. Similar to physiotherapists, exercise physiologists evaluate patient history, assess risks, and conduct tests to formulate targeted exercise strategies for enhanced well-being.


With a unique experience and expertise in combat sports injuries and performance goals, Mick understands the specific demands and physical stresses associated with combat sports. Mick’s specialised knowledge in this area enables him to design rehabilitation programs that focus on building strength, resilience, and mobility, all while considering the unique requirements of combat sport athletes. Whether you’re an aspiring fighter or a seasoned competitor, Mick is dedicated to helping you achieve your combat sport performance objectives.


With the help of his Physiotherapist colleagues Mick empowers you as the Driver unlike traditional rehabilitation methods, Mick’s movement-based approach puts you in the driver’s seat of your own recovery journey. He sees himself as a guide, working collaboratively with you as a team to find solutions and facilitate your progress. By empowering you with an understanding of your body and its capabilities, he aims to make you the driving force behind your rehabilitation process. Together, we chart a path that aligns with your goals, ensuring that you can return to doing what you love with confidence and strength.