Here comes the Sun!!

August 9, 2016

This time of year things start to thaw out. Thet start to move and grow. While not quite in hibernation, most of us take winter off things like running in the morning, bike rides on the weekend. But just a hint of summer sun and it’s on. It’s just that 3 months off anything means we’re not quite as good as we were. 3 months with less movement means things are just a bit stiffer, less resilient.

But sometimes we get carried away! We jump in where we left off, often a bit too hard, too fast and end up in pain. Be at your best for the whole of the warmer months, make the most of the sun and be moving with freedom, without pain. Newcastle Performance Physio specialises in injury prevention as much as treatment, with video analysis, technique correction and strength and conditioning programs to suit every body. Start planning now, 3 weeks until Spring!