How to avoid injury when training increases – Sparke Helmore 2017

January 9, 2017

Goal set, training program outlined, get stuck in, get injured.

A pretty common tale. Is it because you shouldn’t be training like this? Absolutely not. Why then? That is harder to answer, because no one knows how to prevent all injuries. But there are certain steps to follow that decrease your risk.

Get Moving.

Work, life, watching Rogue One, most of these things involve loading your body in ways it’s not really designed. Decreasing the effects of a sedentary job, improving the frequency and quality of your movement mean you’re better equipped to handle training load.

Get a Plan.

Thanks to Hugh, your program is already up ready to go. It’s structured, progressive and specific. Geared to get you peaking on race day, not tomorrow.

Warm up and Recover

Now this does not mean passive stretching!!!! Passive stretching is like reality television – a waste of time and possibly bad for you. Warm ups need to be active and specific. So jump in the water, on the bike or get running but slower and easier for 5 minutes, then get stuck in. Same after, 5 minutes of easy cooling down, then a bit of foam roller or massage ball in your tight muscles that night. For recovery specific to nutrition see Alicia.

Don’t push it when it’s not happening.

Lack of sleep, manflu, stress. Loads of things can decrease your output. Don’t push yourself to complete a session if you can’t hit your normal heights. Skip it and come back next time ready to go. Note – laziness is not mentioned here for reasons which should be obvious.

Don’t ignore recurring pain.

Pain with exertion, muscle soreness after are all normal. Pain that lingers for 48 hours after exercise or is there every night or every morning isn’t. Your brain always wins, if you’re ignoring recurring, or worsening pain, eventually it will shut you down. That’s where I come in. And with 15% off treatment for participants in our triathlon program, it’s easy to get in, get sorted, get back training.

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