REST is a 4 letter word

June 6, 2022

The ultimate four letter word when it comes to rehab, which is rest. Rest is never the answer, sometimes you’ll need to stop doing what you’re doing, absolutely. Sometimes you have a big injury and you need to radically decrease what you’re trying to do, but still it’s not rest. There is always something you can do even if you’ve broken your leg, you can still be exercising your arms you can still be doing something, as soon as you completely rest, you’ll get completely deconditioned. Everything will get worse and it will take you that much longer to get back. So when it comes to rehab, you really want to be thinking about what you can do until you can do what you can’t do. Absolutely every injury comes with limits and problems, but good rehab needs to be about what you can do at that point in time and giving you lots and lots of different options that you’ve got lots to do, that you can maintain as much capacity and condition and strength and movement as you can, until the body does its thing and heals the damage that you’ve done. Then you can get back to the great things that you love to do. If you rest for too long, be it with pain or injury what you can guarantee is that it’s just gonna take you that much longer to get back at the other end. So don’t think rest, think what can I do until I can do what I can’t do?