Why pick us

June 6, 2022

When you’re making the choice to who you trust with your healthcare and your rehab needs, it can be pretty tricky. You’re comparing apples with apples and sometimes apples with oranges. I’d like to think that for us, you’d be comparing apples with unicorns. And I want to try and explain why that is, I’ve boiled it down to a numbers game, like lots of things. So we have four physios that work here that are also strength and conditioning coaches, so that’s a pretty unique combination, particularly here in Newcastle. That means we can diagnose your problem, we can work to rehab your problem, and then we can help you get back to the top performance that you’re after. It also means that we know how to talk to your coach, your trainer, because we live in their world as well. Three is the number of barbells that we have, we get you to work hard, we get you to do big stuff, heavy stuff that makes you strong and resilient so you can go back to what you want to be able to do. Two is the number of separate gym training areas that we have here. So not only have we got four consult rooms we’ve got two full gyms. We’ve also got two app based technology systems that help you with your exercise prescription and with your rehab programming. It’s all online, it’s all on app based technology and it’s all geared to make it easier for you. And one is the one purpose that we have here is that we really want to try and do our best to make you the best possible version of yourself that you can be and really work with you to achieve that. We’d like to think also that one is the number of times that you come here for the same problem. So we try and rehab everything as hard and as well as we possibly can so that we decrease your chances of ever doing the same thing again. We work with people over a long athletic career and a long lifespan, but we try and really make it that when you come here, we do it well and we do it once. https://youtu.be/qlpzlErfBi4