Welcome Fabiola!

May 29, 2017

Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy welcomed it’s newest member in May, with Fabiola joining the team.

Fab has been working in private practice for 5 years and has amassed a wealth of experience in pain and injury management.

She enjoys treating runners, triathletes, yogis, footballers and dancers as she does all of those things herself. Prior to her physio career Fab was a professional dancer, with a lot of Pilates training, which she has transferred into further post-graduate training. Fab utilises her Pilates skills to formulate rehab and exercise programs to help clients recover and continue to move well.

She is passionate about maintaining function with age, and will be looking to expand our services in falls prevention and exercise classes.

Later this year we will also plan to include Pilates sessions and classes so be sure to keep an eye on future emails and through social media.

Those of you connected to Facebook, we have a private client group called “Performance Board”. This allows easy messaging of myself and Fab, keeps you up to date with new events and is also a source of more specialised information, reserved for our VIPs.

Get in touch if you need any advice, or for the things that don’t necessarily need a full appointment, but you don’t trust with Dr Google!

Fab works Monday to Friday, and as always, appointments are available 7am-7pm.

Until next time