A Public (dis)Service Announcement from your news media

June 8, 2017

(Mild to moderate language warning)
A “good news” story from Channel 7 here
Laden with scary images, people in pain and surgery situations this is deliberately targeting and negatively impacting people in pain.
Before we even get into how bogus this story is, let’s remember being in pain is shit.
Being in pain for a long time is total shit. Everything suffers and it is HARD to manage.
It can be a desperate situation and to be perfectly honest we don’t know how best to manage it. A lot of pharmaceutical measures have been shown to be worse than useless, manual therapy is useless. Education and exercise is beneficial but it can, understandably, be extremely hard to to understand that serious pain does not equate to serious damage or pathology. But this is due to the fact that the human nervous system/body in general is the most complicated bloody thing on the Planet. Every single human is unique. But one thing is definite – there is no magic pill, device, drug, anything. But when you are desperate and some jerk says we can “fix” you (again, humans in pain aren’t broken) you will pay good money for shit treatment. Because people with persistent, shithouse pain are f*%$king terrified that it will never go away.
Now to the bogus story. I can pretty much show anything works with one case study. Or any experiment where n = 1.
You could have back pain, I could stand you up, do my world famous dance of the simultaneous orbits (there’s probably youtube footage somewhere) and you feel better. I could then do a news story about how this revolutionary new dance move is providing hope for millions of people with back pain. I could get you to do a testimonial and I could stand there, looking super professional and smart, in front of books and computers and other shit and say how initial results of my awesome dancing are positive. Then, like these JERKS I could say that the dance moves aren’t quite perfected yet and so won’t be available for years. But when they do they will cost you, or Medicare, an absolute shitload.
The best thing you can do for pain is get educated. Understand it as best as possible, get good support, set some goals and work at it.
And if someone tells you they have found the latest and best thing to “cure” pain, they are full of shit.
Until next time