Why do Pilates when you can do Fabiolates!!!

August 22, 2017

What’s the difference? 3 letters. F. A. B.

Just like the Thunderbirds, when we say “FAB”, everything is just super. Including our Pilates. Or… Fabiolates!!! (crowd goes wild!!!!)

Fab is a physio, trained in Clinical Pilates. Different to a Pilates studio, she uses it as an assessment, treatment and conditioning method. She is able to write programmes that suit you and work on issues, deficits or just get you feeling stronger.

I’ll let her explain.

PILATES: Moving beyond the Core

We all may have heard about ‘the core’ stabilisers and being told to switch these muscles on with our exercises. But the core muscles are but just the first layer of many groups of muscles that act together to allow the body to work efficiently.

Pilates certainly helps bring awareness to our core muscles but it involves so much more than this.

There are 5 slings in our body that Pilates focuses on. These muscle slings, together act like partners; think of it like Bonnie & Clyde, Hansel & Gretel.. Where would one be without the other? These muscles, when activated, together contribute to and lead to an enhanced state of stability within the body. Did someone say B1 & B2?

But like any couple, they can sometimes get a little complacent, one can get tired, one can stop talking to the other, or worse one can get irritated with the other! When this happens in our body, we lose the co-ordination of these muscles and of what they help support. This in turn can make them less active and eventually lose their strength/tension relationship.

In Pilates assessments and one-on-one sessions, we target these slings based on what we find is your primary need and also keep in mind any injuries you may be carrying. We use the exercises to help bring awareness into the coupled muscles needing strength and activation, or bring focus into the other slings to allow for gradual loading of the sensitized/sore muscle couples.

In the small group classes we look at putting all these slings into action using Pilates exercises and sequences that allow for more overall awareness and activation.

It’s a workout for your body and mind!