June 10, 2022

Injury, surgery and rehab is a pretty common thing that we see here a pretty common story for a lot of you out there having injury, big injury, need surgery and then you come and see us for the rehab. One thing I want you to think about and to try and add to this little pathway, which a lot of surgeons that we work with are really big fans of is the bit between injury and surgery, prehab. So come and see us beforehand, get started early, get your movement back, get your strength back, get moving as much as you can. We’re not gonna be able to fix what the surgeon’s going to fix, but we can set you up to do much better after surgery and to make rehab much simpler after. So the earlier we get started, the easier surgery is and the better and faster rehab is with pretty much all major injuries and surgeries that we do the rehab for, including ACL tears, shoulder dislocations, any sort of big nasty ligament tendon tears. The more equipped you are for surgery, the easier it is and the better you’ll do after.