When to see a physio

June 10, 2022

A question we often get asked is when should I see a physio? When do I come in? When’s the best time? Normally people have either had an incident where they think they’ve hurt themselves, or they’ve had a pain that’s started, or it started to get worse. I think if there is an incident that happened, a possible injury and you don’t know what it is, the sooner the better so we are talking almost immediately. From seeing us we could get you investigations, we could book you in to see an orthopedic specialist, we could book you in to see a sports physician. So coming to see us early is a really good way to make sure we know what we’re dealing with, we get you the best care possible, and you’re not wasting any time.

If it’s a pain that started without an incident, then it’s a bit more up to you. I think it’s worth playing around and seeing how bad is it? How much of what I normally do can I still do? Often the thing that will bring people into us is that at some point it stops them doing what they want to do, it gets in their way. Past that point things start to get worse so if it’s really getting in the way of what you want to do, that’s the best time for us to have a look at it. It’s worth having a bit more time at the start to see if it goes away, because a lot of things do, but if it sticks around and it’s getting in the way, that’s when it’s a really good time to come and see us. We can explain what it is, how best to go about solving that problem and get you back doing what you want. So if there’s an injury or an incident and you think there might be an injury the sooner the better, if it hurts but you’re pretty confident you haven’t done anything major to it then it’s worth playing around with it for a little bit to see if it goes away. But if it starts getting in the way of what you want to do, that’s when you should come and see us. https://youtu.be/dkUUhJoR2XI